What is a story without the characters? It would be pointless. Characters bring soul and meaning to the narration. And it is not our goal to create a soulless metaverse.

Metagalaxy Land is for the people, hence the Space Cowboys and Space Pirates exist. May the people find themselves with them…

To introduce and explain them in every aspect, we would like to share a part from the story:

“Humanity was divided into two groups as Space Cowboys and Space Pirates in the Metagalactic Universe:

Space Cowboys

Adventurous and wise Space Cowboys have quick-wits and creative souls, they love to discover new stuff any moment. Thanks to their foresight, they are well-equipped people who make the best use of the opportunities at hand. They handle the problems with a solution-oriented perspective and develop the motivation to think critically, allowing permanent and accurate results to be found. They love doing research and value knowledge. They are not materialistic.

They have continued their work for centuries in order to save humanity by faithfully protecting their ideologies, transferring their knowledge from generation to generation, and ensuring the existence of the Metagalaxy Land universe. Space Cowboys who have their own NFT Planets may shape the history of the universe in the next generation future as they have done in the past. Who knows, right?

Space Pirates

Bold and fearless, Space Pirates have strategic thinking skills and an insatiable ambition, they always like to win more. They are people who do not stray from their own path, do not hesitate to fight and try every possible way to achieve what they desire.

They manage sudden crisis very well, they can turn every crisis into an opportunity for themselves. They enjoy the struggle and can never admit defeat.

Their hunger for power has always caused them to want more… They fought each other for their ambitions, and brought the end of humanity by disrupting the universal balances.

Could the Space Pirates, who have seized trade networks because of not being able to resist their ambitions to earn more, alter the balance again as they did in the past in the new generation future? “