Dear Metagalaxy Land Community!

Hello to you all, here we are once again! As we heard some jars and concerns around the community; I wanted to address them while explaining some of the aspects. We, me and the team, try to be as transparent as possible with you since the beginning, without the fear of being honest as you may also witness. We place our cards on the table, let’s say :)

We inform you about the project every step on the way and we will continue to do so because leaving things in the dark is not our approach. Thank you for your support and sticking beside us through the good times and the bad times, we do APPRECIATE you in heart.

First of all, I want to mention the marketing actions we took and are taking. I deliberately mention “taking action” though not all gerilla or crowd marketing activities are visible. They are visible in the way of their outcomes. Interactions and the Volume are just primary examples of this.

Every marketing activity has a channel, target audience, keywords that will appear when searched and the geography it affects. Therefore, it is not possible for an advertisement to be visible to everyone at all times. Just like you don’t see every advertisement on the internet or TV, which is always at hand… Our marketing campaigns continue non-stop as you can see through our Social Media: With MEXC we had a trade-mining event and distributed $30K worth of $MEGALAND, we attended to Blockchain Economy Summit twice, Crypto Expo and World Metaverse Show; which are the better and more credible marketing steps. Networking and creating collaborations. Moreover our Google ads are active in 10 countries at the moment.

As a next step, imminently, we’re planning to step into Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand and Japan markets as Local Marketing and have started to work on it which you may be able to see in a couple weeks.

Due to the recent market conditions, the price fluctuation in any coin you see depends on economic outcomes, not on marketing, no matter how intense marketing activity is. Therefore, the effects of the marketing activities currently carried out in the background will not be observed in these market conditions, but with Bull signals! I believe that we all agree on this matter.

We promised you a One-Player-Mode game, which is still under development to be presented in its best version. Also I’d like to remind you that we did change our strategy from a p2e game to a metaverse experience platform. In order for these to be top notch, our development team is working elaborately and unrelentingly. We plan to share the final version on the Bull run as we do not want to take steps that will bring hype in the Bear run, yet occasionally we will share tastings of the platform with you as SINGLE PLAYER in couple weeks. Besides, as we said in the AMA that in this process, if we fell far behind the deadline we promised, we would offer you the STAKE OPTION, and we fulfilled it in July 2022, Staking has been available since then on Metagalactic Swap. Check out

I know for a fact that CEX listing is one of the most asked topics. Let me bring light to the subject. As it is told before, we have been in talks with multiple CEXs and made good progress. However, when getting listed on a CEX was on the table, macroeconomic conditions were favorable for that. But now, since macro-economic conditions such as recession, inflation and interest rate rises are the conditions that pose a serious threat to the upswing of Bitcoin, we have stopped the listing process for a month or two so that you can make the best use of your assets during the listing period. You will be kept informed of the listing process. This delay does not mean that we are not willing to list our project on another CEX. Believe me, no one else other than us would want to keep our holders’ and project’s best interests in mind and to take steps delicately in that direction.

In the past months, we completed a private sale for the NFTs and there will be a public sale, that’s definite. However there is no exact date for the NFT Public sale yet since it will go parallel with the course of the metaverse platform development as it’s stated before. You will be informed, as always, correspondingly with the metaverse developments. To stay updated, follow our social media and check the announcement channel on Telegram.

I believe everyone who is into crypto is aware of the recent market conditions. It has been in a dip for a while now. It is not something unnoticeable. Not only that, but in my opinion there is no person who is not directly affected by the inflation or the global economic conditions right now. There are wars happening. Everyone witnesses and gets affected first-hand by the consequences, there is no exception.

Therefore, it is agreeable that the global economic situation is causing a decline in the price of all coins, from Bitcoin to Ethereum, and this drop affects all projects equally. Our project is not an exemption to this situation. Throughout the most recent Bull market, projects, whose team works hard, stay connected with their community, and develop their use cases have seen growth rates of up to 10x to100x or even more. We remain where we are and won’t quit. As I stated in all my AMA Sessions, We are here for the long run! We don’t stop communicating with you or working on the project, ever. We won’t stop right now or on the next Bull. To put it well, we can say Metagalaxy Land is a ‘forever’ project for us and hope it is the same for you too. With this point, you can better comprehend when and how the price will increase.

You are our foundation and inspiration. You trust us and we will do everything in our power to not let you down or not let ourselves down. We are, all together, a part of something big. Something bigger than any of us. We are building the future, this is not an easy job but it’s not impossible either. We know the storm is harsh, there is not always sunshine in sight. But better and bright days are coming, just need to hang on a little tighter. So, on behalf of me and the team, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this bumpy yet beautiful journey. We will thrive!