Creating the NFT’s

Every game has its spectacle. Racing games design systems for car handling and engine sounds for their meticulously modeled cars. Shooters and first-person games animate and texture their weapons and hands of the player model beyond expectations with every new installation. And we have our planets. Metagalaxyland revolves around the planets and their resources, so while creating our NFT’s and the systems that govern the resources, we have been hard at work.


We decided on four different types of planets: ice, ocean, forest, and desert. Each has a distinct environment and visual flair of its own. This decision was made from a purely visual standpoint while also being a necessity for the simulated realism of the setting. As you might know, the location and size of the planets affect the overall climate and weather phenomena of planets in real life. This decision provided us with a challenge. However, we had to do everything four times from scratch. Each different type of planet was crafted using a different approach.


Desert: Jagged rocks and mountains of dark stone.

Huge canyons stretch for miles. Lakes with salt deposits that are vibrantly colored, such as red, cyan, and neon pink.

Desert planets are completely covered in sand and have little to no water. They have dunes, snowless mountains, oases, and other desert formations.


Ocean: Corals, Deep ocean trenches, small tropical islands.

Bigger lone volcano islands smoldering and spewing lava.

The ocean is a rocky world with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere and a sizable hydrosphere. Oceans cover more than 90% of the surface, with scattered islands making up the remaining percentage.


Ice: Colossal spires of hardened blue ice.

Mountains absolutely covered with ice and glistening snow.

Ice is covered in permafrost, with only liquid water located around the equator. Soils and sands of various colors can be seen under ice around the equator.


Jungle: Humongous trees visible from space.

Endless seas of dense forest and huge sprawling rivers.

The jungle is warm and humid all year. Jungle planets are covered in huge jungles of trees with broad leaves and bodies of water encircling them.


We used these directives to design our shaders for the renders. We hope to reveal more of the details in the future and reveal the surface of these planets with you.