This week, we will be talking about the resources of Metagalaxy Land. Resources are what economies are made of. Extract them, process them, and turn them into profit.


We have three types of resources. These are basic, manufactured, and special. Let’s start with the basics. Basic resources are those you get by exploiting your planet.


Simple minerals, which you get by digging up the regolith, are mostly used in the construction of non-military structures. buildings, cargo ships, and the like. Minerals are mostly gained from mines on planets, but as always, there are other ways to get more ore, on or off-planet.


Next in line is Primitive Fuel. Anything that can be turned into energy is a valuable resource, and there are a lot of things to burn on the surface of planets. If you want to power your industry, fuel is your best bet. It is not as energy-intensive as FTL fuel, but it will quench the thirst for factories and foundries that will forge your star fleets.


Energy is the lifeblood of the universe. It should not come as a surprise to you to learn that your planet must be supplied with an ample amount of energy to function. Energy can be harvested in many ways. Solar power is a low-intensity, near-infinite option. Burning primitive fuel is a strong candidate as well. Whatever you choose, you should know that supplying your planet with enough energy should be the top priority.


Currency is the energy of economies. All of the resources mentioned above have a relative currency value. After all, everything can be bought, packaged, and sold. Markets and transactions run on the currency, so be sure to create a pipeline of earning enough to get what you want.


There are more basic resources to talk about, but for this week, we should take a break. Next week, we plan on revealing more about manufactured resources. See you then!