Hello! We haven’t been sharing our new updates with you for a while, and we wanted to clarify this at the beginning of our article.

We were waiting for the buildings that we will use in the game, which will improve your game experience and make you enjoy it much more, to be completely finished. If you are following our social media accounts, you may have seen that we have already shared a few of them with you with certain games. Now we think we need to provide a little more information.


Before moving on to the buildings, I would like to remind you that we do not present all the details of our game in this way. Everything you will read or have read thus far is preparation, as are all texts that are constantly evolving.


If we have to start with the Atmosphere Generator first, the Atmosphere Generator is one of the most important structures for planets and humans to continue their life cycles.

It combines the various gaseous elements in the orbit of the planet and creates an atmosphere that is similar or almost identical to the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the characters in the game will be able to navigate the surface easily. Apart from that, it actually takes the first step not only for humans but also for any organism, bacteria, or living thing to live on the planet.


The second most necessary building after the installation of the Atmosphere Generator is the Biomass Generator.

This building, which is essential for the planet to achieve its own image and colors, provides the establishment of a unique ecosystem. With the establishment of the ecosystem, landforms emerge, vegetation forms, if any, and weather events begin to occur. So you see, your planets are starting to find souls now.


From now on, we will continue to share new articles with you every week, and we will explain each of our buildings one by one. We wish you all a good evening and a good week!