Hello everyone, it’s Dağhan here. We’ve talked a lot about UI. I want to stop that for this weelk and talk about something else. This week, I would like to talk more about the Megaland Symbol Hunt that comes with the pre-alpha version.

There are many requirements for a metaverse to become a metaverse, and we want to do all of these as per our roadmap, but we are aware that it will take time. And above all, we know that the universe we have created should be a place in demand by users, which is ahead of all other features. For this reason, even if it is our pre-alpha version, we include a system in the metaverse where people can spend time and most importantly, make some gains during this time. We called this system Megaland Symbol Hunt. Today I want to tell you about this system.

First of all, our designs for this stage are completely freemium use, so anyone who follows us can start to benefit from the project at this stage. If I briefly describe the system, as the name suggests, this is a tresure hunt. It is a system where you get on the leader board by collecting Megaland Symbols on the common area, The Decentralized Planet which is the first place you encounter when you enter the metaverse, or you collect a certain number of symbols in certain periods or try to pass certain targets. Yes, I mentioned more than one event type here because we designed this system to make different events over time.

In order to give more information, I would like to explain one of the events I mentioned above in more detail. For example, in the Leader Board system, when you enter the metaverse, a certain number of 3 types of symbols will randomly appear on your map during that day. The 3 types we are talking about here are; 1 point, 5 point and 10 point symbols. When you come near these symbols, you can collect them with the interaciton key. But remember that as the symbol’s score increases, the collect time also increases.

Well, you might ask “What kind of competition can there be if everyone starts with the same number of symbols?” If you collect all the daily symbols given to you, the same number of new symbols will randomly appear on your map. If I need to give an example by keeping the numbers small to be more descriptive, the number of symbols we need to collect in that day is one symbol of 10 points, two symbols of 5 points and five symbols of 1 points, so there are 8 symbols with 25 points in total. If you collect these 8 symbols, the system gives you 8 new symbols. Thus, the maximum number of points you can collect for that day is not limited to 25.


“What happens if you can’t find all the symbols on the map?” Then you have to wait for the replenishment period of the lots. Although this time may vary according to the events, for our example, lets say it’s 1 day. So if you can’t find all 8 of these symbols on the map, all you have to do is start again the next day. Of course, I would like to remind you again that this period may be shorter or longer.

What you need to do next is to follow the leader board in the event and collect the rewards you have won, but since we will announce this part more detailed in the future, I will not go into that part in detail today. I want to take a stop here this week and I would like to tell you the UI of this loot system next week.

See you next week, take care!