What is the metaverse? It is a popular word that everyone has heard of but know it as a concept. How one can benefit from it or be a part of the metaverse? We will try our best to explain it in this article.

Metaverse is a significant subject that lies behind a vision that spans not only many companies, but the whole industry. It can be thought of as the successor to the mobile internet.

Metagalaxy Land is a metaverse experience platform that helps its users to create their Ideal Planet at the borders of their Mind. They will be the creator of their own Planet as well as its life forms, society and the terrain. Thanks to the metaverse technology, all of the opportunities mentioned before can be given to the users.

Metagalaxy Land hold the initiatives and complies with the standards and ethic principles of Metaverse meta-ethical framework which based on the moral theory of Alan Gewirth, necessary for determining what, if any, ought to be the ethics that guide the conduct of people participating in virtual worlds in their roles as designers, administrators and players or avatars.
As virtual worlds, now called metaverse, and the World Wide Web generally, are global in scope, reach and use, Gewirth’s theory, which offers a supreme principle of morality, the Principle of Generic Consistency (PGC) that establishes universal rights for all persons always and everywhere, is particularly suitable for this task. The paper will show that persons both in the real world and in virtual worlds have rights to freedom and wellbeing. Strictly with regard to agency those rights are merely prima facie but with regard to personhood framed around the notion of self-respect, those rights are absolute.

It’s not only ethical point though have moral standards as avatars (Space Cowboys and Space Pirates) can be viewed as virtual representations or modes of presentations of real people (at least with regard to the metaverse in which the virtual agency of the avatar can be considered an extension of the agency of the person instantiating the avatar in the real world) and thus can and must be perceived as virtual purposive agents, then they have moral rights and obligations similar to those of their real counterparts.

Rules of virtual worlds (metaverse) as instantiated by the designers’ code and the administrators’ end-user license agreement (EULA), must always be consistent with and comply with the requirements of universal morality as established based on the PGC.

Metagalaxy Land with its moral and ethics standards, always put their investors and users first.

Welcome to the Safe World of Metagalaxy Land.