Hello this is Daghan again. Last time we talk about our brand new area that called Metagalaxy Land landing area. Today I want to dive more deep about it. In our inside meetings, about game experience and user perception, we decided to add 3d models of our terraferoming building to landing area. As you can see in 2d perspective, human brain could sense the scale different than normal. To break perception, the best solution in our side is to add our primary buildings in this area because we had huge building. In here I would like to share our building height to explain myself better.


Atmosphere Generator is 85 meters / 279 feet long


Biomass Generator is 115 meters / 378 feet long


Terraform Fleet is 32,5 meters / 106 feet long


Asterobelt Generator is 35 meters / 115 feet long


To better understanding I would like to give some popular monuments high for compare sizes. Statue of Liberty is 93 meters / 305 feet long, Taj Mahal is 73 meters / 240 feet long and Eiffel Tower is 300 meters / 984 feet long. As you can see our our building aren’t tiny ones.

In this progress, the other new things is we planned everything in 2d environment and adding assets in 3d environment has own challenge. Our artist re-design all terraform building for suitable in new environment. In this way, we overcame one of to our major concern about to lose our essence. We had many major updates and features in new versions however we are still connecting our roots. For last thing about terraforming building, I wish to say that we had major breaking point. To create interior of buildings need time and we don’t want to create simple and non-functional and also we eager to release our first version which pre-alpha as soon as possible. Due to this reason, in our early versions, these building will be non-interactable assets in our metaverse.,

This is all for this week. Next time we will talk brand new interactable buildings. Until next time, see you all.

You can click on the link to see the buildings we mentioned on our metaverse platform.