NFT is a controversial notion which is of recent vintage. While some people do not perceive it as long lasting and sensible, others think of NFT as a genius solution and technology to some issues that could not be resolved within the Web2. Of course for us, NFT is one of the best technologies emerged with the Web3, if not the best. That is why Metagalaxy Land embraces NFT functionality, embeds it to the metaverse that is being built.

We would like to dig deep in this matter and give an answer to the question "What is NFT?" in this article.

The Internet is a monumental, government-funded invention where it is not possible to transfer values digitally via a native P2P value transfer protocol. Information could be transmitted cheaply, but not of underlying value. As a result, there was tremendous value for centralized gateway keepers, who, due to their massive distribution networks and gated privileges, could throttle bandwidth and affect the flow of information at will. For the past years, our creative class has been sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and greatness. Media consumption has increased, but creators who refuse to bow to built-in commands have been told to “learn to code.”

And they did exactly that. The NFT revolution is in its infancy today and represents a global liberation and a bold change in the balance of the creative working class. However, if we neglect a critical and important aspect of NFT, we risk committing an exponentially greater sin of neglect: programmability with a special emphasis on programmable intelligence (AI).

We believe that in the coming decades, NFTs will eventually become intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) with built-in interactive, intelligent generation capabilities and conceptualization and possibly human intelligence.

Investors as the Users what we like to call them as Space Cowboys; will have the opportunity to choose the Planet which is an NFT they like and will have the chance to customize it through their thoughts and wisdoms where sky is the limit.

Those who create their own planets will receive an NFT of their Planet and will embark on the adventure.

Besides its technological advantages NFTs enables artists to create unique and irreproducible ART, forming a magical and beautiful environment within the blockchain world. Creators of the Metagalaxy Land believe that ART is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.

So join our Galaxy with your ART where it lies beyond the borders of your creative mind.