Greetings everyone, it is Dağhan here!

I mentioned the measurements of our main buildings which are shared before and how they are built in 3D. With this week, I want to dwell into our new interactive buildings. Occasionally, I will share more information about these buildings with you.

As you know our NFTs are all-important for Metagalaxy Land. With the private sale we have made, we have brought together 150 of them with some lucky people.As the Metaverse progresses, we will begin the public sale of the remaining NFTs.

As it is known, ourplanet NFTs will have a special place in our P2E feature and NFT owners will benefit from these extra advantages, but today I would like to tell you about the NFT gallery we have created for all our users.

One of the new 3d buildings I added is our Dome-shaped buildings. We think that we can use this structure in more than one way, both in terms of form and usage. While we normally design it to be 22 M high and 1600 M2, we made our NFT Dome larger than this standard due to the fact that NFTs are really important for us.The 45M high NFT gallery, designed in the shape of a dome, has a floor area of ​​6650 M2, of which 6000 m2 is actively used. As in all domes, it has two entrances to provide easy access and there are support columns under it to fit our natural-looking surface.

Inside, an atmosphere of actively rotating ecosystem logos and holagrammatic trees and NFTs welcome you. While the middle part of the building uses the advantage of the dome to feel higher and wider, the side parts are planned in a lowered way to concentrate more on the NFTs.In addition to the logos that I just mentioned, on the ceiling in the middle section, we offer a structure where announcements and different projects’ visuals will actively change. As a result of our initial work, we plan to actively add general information, name and price of the NFTs here.

We continue to work on other features such as buying and selling NFTs, exhibiting and demonstrating them in this section to be used in the later stages of the project.

That’s it for this week. Next, I plan to share another interactive building and its details with you. See you next week, take care!