Creators of Metagalaxy Land believes the Joy of playing is priceless and has to be built within a decentralized structure for the purpose of being Free of charge.
For this purpose Metagalaxy Land offers a blockchain-based next-generation metaverse platform and exchange where the coin $MEGALAND is the governing currency. The goal of Metagalaxy Land is to create a decentralized sharing economy that brings together the actors of the online gaming ecosystem and adapt it to the metaverse.

The gaming ecosystem is a dynamic structure consisting of gamers, game developers, game publishers, game distributors, streaming services, software manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, dueling arenas, and esports organizations. Many components of this structure form the parts of the Metagalaxy Land ecosystem. Metagalaxy Land has set out with the mission and vision of bringing blockchain technology to the gaming ecosystem, and carry it to the metaverse.

We present you the concept of the metaverse in which Metagalaxy Land provides its players (Space Cowboys and Space Pirates) with a chance to earn any form of in-metaverse assets such as $MEGALAND coin or other coins that can be transferred to the real world as a valuable resource.

In the Play2Earn model, users earn coins through Alliances, Harvesting and PvP’s against other users, or by selling them on the Metagalaxy Land marketplace. These coins can then be traded for fiat money — real cash. But to get onboard, users have to buy NFT and be a Planet Owner or they can rather choose to be Pirate in the debris zone and choose alliances with the Planets against others.

Space Cowboys who are the users that own an NFT of their planet, will be the planet holder in the metaverse where also Space Pirates exists in the Debris Zone of the Metagalaxy Land. These two types of users can exchange resources, items or services in return of $MEGALAND coin, therefore fulfilling the Play2Earn function.