We haven’t talked to you about our in-metaverse developments and updates for a long time, but now we are ready to present our final and complete resources to you! We’ve done extensive research for all the resources, read a lot of articles for the background stories, and written countless pieces of content. For a long time, almost none of them fit in with me, but I can finally say that I got my chest right.

As expected, in-metaverse resources are the most crucial point of a metaverse experience platform. If the materials used in the metaverse are not interesting enough or are not sufficiently related to each other, their content is of no importance. I have worked hard to establish harmony and balance between these two, and I truly believe that I have succeeded.

First of all, I want to start with two energy sources:

Holocardium: It is the main energy source of the planets. It is a bright green stone formed by the reaction of various elements on the planet. With the processing of this energy, the radiation rate of the environment increases, and this radiation is synthesized into a bright green cube. This cube is used as an energy source to construct, operate, and upgrade buildings.

Solocardium: It is stellar energy synthesized from the building named Solas. Synthesis is done using Holocardium. Holocardium is subtracted from the inventory, and Solocardium is added in a new slot. It plays an important role in upgrading buildings. After a certain level, the operation of those buildings is connected to Solocardium.

Shoctoxin: A poisonous substance extracted from the planet that has a dark gray color, a symbiotic structure, and a form that erodes the ground it comes into contact with over time. Shortly after its formation, its structure begins to deteriorate and the temperature of the area where it is formed begins to increase at a high rate. Since it will be used in the construction of buildings, buildings will begin to wear out after a certain period of time and will begin to lose their function when the necessary steps are not completed.

Ecocline: A purple-red liquid to be extracted from the planet to be used in the restoration of decaying buildings. Areas where the Ecocline is located, will be cooler than normal planetary temperatures. It spreads on the rotting surfaces, which functions completely opposite to the Shoctoxin substance, and ensures that the Shoctoxin melts and restores the surface to its original state.

Biexole: It is a type of metal that self-renews and strengthens over time, consisting of planetary residues and garbage. It is created by combining Ecocline and Holocardium from the building called Scalecrown, not collected from the planet. Its main use will be in the upgrading and development of buildings. The condition for each building to reach level 6 will be to have a certain amount of Biexole in their inventory and to use Biexole for leveling up.

Clecone: A light blue stone that measures the temperature reflection of each source on the planet, showing the user where the sources are mostly concentrated. A small thermometer will appear on the right side of the screen when the stone is handled, and the temperature will increase as you get closer to the sources. It will be a critical tool for collecting Shoctoxin, Ecocline, and Psyler Crystal. After being used on the planet for a certain period of time, it will be broken and a new Clecone will be crafted by crafting the Psyler Crystal in Scalecrown..

Psyler Crystal: The crystal is to be obtained by Nexsynth systems to be installed at certain points of the planets. It will have two functions: its first function will be to be used in communication with the Space Pirates. Every 10 Psyler Crystals they mine will grant access and assignment to one extra pirate. Secondly, Space Cowboys will be able to obtain 1 Clecone by processing 5 Psyler Crystals they have in their inventory in Scalecrown.