Hi, it’s Dağhan! Last week I mentioned you the interactive buildings and introduced the NFT Gallery. This week, I also want to talk about another interactive building.


In addition to our Dome structures, another dome-like structuressuch as Glass Dome structures will take place in the metaverse. Although these structures are smaller than Domes, they are more see-through because their outer walls are completely covered with glass.Our building has a triangular gate and a tunnel entrance, the height of the usage area is 13M and the area is 380 M2. As in the dome buildings I introduced last week, we used a column system in these buildings to adapt to the ground. Thus, while we easily fit the structure on any floor we want, we also maintain a certain visual standard here. I think that the stepped tunnel we added to increase the entrance effect to the building adds a different atmosphere to the structure and especially to the metaverse atmosphere. The interactive building we used with this structure became our Conference Hall.


As you know, one of the main purposes of a metaverse is to create a more interactive environment by increasing the interaction between people in this environment. Based on this idea, we decided to add a building in the form of an amphitheater to our metaverse, where users who enjoy space can both receive training and follow certain promotions.

While we could use a different plan structure, the reason why we prefer a structure with glass walls here is that it provides presentation, training, etc. to the users who are outside. It is because we want them to see the attraction which makes them want to go inside and to draw attention.

In line with the system we plan to use and work on here, we will be able to provide our users with a new show by ensuring that the presentation and/or event to be held here will constantly change, and we will also create the opportunity to share some extra earnings with our metaverse users thanks to the various activities we will do.

As I wrap up my writing and a year this week, I wish everyone a happy new year! I would like to say that I want to take a break from the buildings for the next week. From time to time, instead, I will talk about certain programs and their technologies that I use while designing the Metaverse.

See you next week!