Hello everyone, I’m Dağhan. Last week, I briefly told you about Lumen. This week, I want to touch on a different topic. I would like to talk about and introduce the User Interface (UI) in detail, which is what users will interact with the most.

What I’m going to do here is not just to share the design with you. I will mention the systems that I have prepared with the opportunities provided by Unreal Engine 5, and talk about the other technologies that are used in the infrastructure.

Let’s start with the login screen you encounter when you open the metaverse. We made our login screen very simple. The goal here is to provide the users with a simple and user-friendly experience from the very first moment. By placing an “EXIT” button in the upper left corner of the screen that comes up, we wanted to enable users to log out without taking any other action in case the metaverse is accidentally opened. What we want to do here is nothing more than to think and move accordingly about every situation of the users.

The second thing to note on this screen is the “CONNECT TO METAMASK” button. Since we want the technological and security infrastructure of our metaverse to be blockchain-based, we want the necessary connections to be made via Metamask. I would like to draw your attention to that these connections are made via Metamask at the moment, but let me inform you in advance, we are working on making these connections available with different wallets in the future.

Now, I would like to give you a little information about what happens when you press this button. Our system instantly generates a 32-character login id for you. This login id acts as a special key only for you, which will enable you to perform your transactions during the session you will use. I want to remark that these login ids are created automatically and the probability of the same login id occurring at the same time is approximately 1 in 2 trigintillion (1/2x1093). The only reason we use such a system here is to provide you with a safer metaverse experience.

I want to take a break here and next week I will talk about what happens when press the “Connect” button. See you next week!