Hello everyone, I’m Dağhan. Last week, we continued with User interface (UI). I want to continue with it this week, too.

If we haven’t set the settings on the entrance page that comes after the login part, we can take a quick look at them and then press the “PLAY” button.

First of all, congratulations, you are now in our metaverse J The screen you meet here is our first Common Area (the Decentralized Planet). Here you can spend time in the first versions and engage in various interactions and activities, but we will get to this in details later.

Today, let’s get to know the screen that pop sup, a little bit. First of all, without mentioning this screen, I would like to point out that this screen will receive various updates in the next versions. I will share the pre-alpha version with you today.

In the upper left corner, you can see a small avatar of the character you are using. Right next to it, your username is written, and below, your wallet address information is displayed as the first and last 4 digits of your wallet address are visible. At the right of them, you can see the amount of $Megaland in your wallet.

At the upper right corner, you can see your symbol balance related to the $Megaland Symbol Hunt that comes with the pre-alpha version.

In the lower right corner, there is a minimap. By pressing the “Map” button, you can see your Map full screen. You can zoom in and see the names of some buildings on this full-screen map. In addition, by pressing the “Map” again, you can close both the map and your minimap, and you can explore the metaverse without a map if you wish. To open minimap and Map again, it will be enough to click on the “Map” button.