Hello everyone, I’m Daghan. Last week, we introduced you to the User Interface (UI). I want to continue where we left off this week.

Last week, we first talked about our login screen and the login id we created with it. Of course, while these are in the infrastructure, you only press a single “CONNECT TO METAMASK” button. I want to continue right here. This is what happens when you press the connect button.

Once you press the button, you are directed to a login website, which I will not explain for now (you have to wait for the first pre-alpha version to find out). Two possibilities await you here.

Possibility 1 — If you didn’t register before;

If you are experiencing the Metagalaxy metaverse for the first time, I welcome you first  What you need to do here is to fill a very short registry. If we say short, it’s really short and don’t forget this about the registry: We do not ask for your detailed information, at least we do not have such a request at this stage. Just click on the “REGISTER” tab, choose a username for yourself and complete the registration process with the wallet address you want to use. Since this username will be a part of your metaverse experience, we recommend that you choose a username accordingly.

Possibility 2 — If you have a previous registration;

This time, all you need to do is press the login button, if your wallet is already open in your browser and you have registered, you will connect immediately, but if your wallet is not open in the browser, the wallet must be opened before the connection, you will see the warning about this.

In case of any malfunctions that may occur here or in case of browser shutdown, all you need to do is to return to your metaverse and press the “RETRY TO CONNECT WITH METAMASK” button. In this way, you can login again with your login id created for that session.

After the login process is done, our main Enterance screen welcomes you in the metaverse.I would like to pause here and leave this topic for next week. See you next week, take care!